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Commodore 64 Raid on Bungeling Bay Programmer
Amiga SimAnt Original Concept and Design
PC SimAnt Original Concept and Design
Amiga SimCity Concept and Design
Amiga SimCity Graphics
Amiga SimCity Sound
BBC Micro SimCity Design
Super Nintendo SimCity Original Concept
PC SimCity (1989) Artist
PC SimCity (1989) Designer
PC SimCity (1989) Sound Composer
Game Boy Advance SimCity 2000 Designer
Nintendo 64 SimCity 2000 Designer
PC SimCity 2000 Design
PC SimCity 2000 Programming
PlayStation SimCity 2000 Designer
Super Nintendo SimCity 2000 Design
Linux SimCity 3000 Unlimited Creator
PC SimEarth: The Living Planet Designer
PC SimLife Design Assistance
PC Spore Developer
DS Spore Creatures Developer
PC The Sims Game Designer
PC The Sims 2 Creator
PlayStation 2 The Sims 2 Director
PC The Sims 2 University Creator
PC The Sims 2: Nightlife Creator
N-Gage The Sims Bustin' Out Original Sims Concept
PC The Sims Deluxe Game Designer and Creator