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PlayStation Actua Ice Hockey Support Programmer
PlayStation Actua Soccer 2 Additional Programming
PC Actua Soccer 3 Programming
PlayStation Actua Soccer 3 Programmer
PC Actua Tennis 3D Graphics/Programming
PlayStation Actua Tennis Lead Programmer
PC Battlefield 3 Unknown Credit (Blackbox)
PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Unknown Credit (Blackbox)
Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Unknown Credit (Blackbox)
Xbox 360 Binary Domain Additional Voices
Commodore 64 Dive Bomber Graphics
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma English Voice: Aldous
PlayStation 3 Madden NFL 13 Designer
Xbox 360 Madden NFL 13 Designer
Sega CD Microcosm Project Manager
PC Monopoly Tycoon Engine Programmer
3DO Novastorm Director
Amiga Oh No! More Lemmings Level Designer
PC Risk II Programmer
Genesis Shadow of the Beast Production
Sega CD Shadow of the Beast II Project Management
PlayStation Wipeout Director of Development