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Super Nintendo Ace o Nerae! Music Composer
Sega CD Aisle Lord Sound Effects
Genesis Arcus Odyssey Sound Effect
Sharp X68000 Arcus Odyssey Sound Effects
Super Nintendo Arcus Odyssey Sound Effects
Sega CD Devastator Composition
Sega CD Earnest Evans Sound Effect
Genesis El Viento Music Supported by
Sega CD Fhey Area Sound Effect
Genesis Granada Music
NEC PC98 Hiouden II Music
Super Nintendo Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou Sound Effect
Sega CD Road Avenger Sound Effects
Genesis Sol-Deace Music Support
Game Boy Advance Tales of Phantasia Music Composition
Super Nintendo Tales of Phantasia Music Composer
Super Nintendo Tenshi no Uta Music Compose
Super Nintendo Zan III Spirits Sound