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The CK23 test development site is the most secret military complex on earth. Hidden somewhere on a mountainous and now deserted island, it is surrounded by deadly minefields, high voltage electric fences and surveillance cameras. The island itself is bristling with military activity, from armed foot patrols to roaming lethal tanks. It is your mission to explore the island and find the heart of the development complex. Once there you must steal the design of the CK23 and then set a time delay bomb in the nuclear reactor. The explosion which follows will devastate the entire island. The action takes place on a moonless night, hence you have been provided with a Sightless Image Enhancer (SIE) with head-up display. Using advanced 3D-vector graphics with full collision detection, you will see an accurate picture of your 'world' as you move within it. You will be able to see and explore entire villages. Around any corner could lurk an armed guard or tank ready to dispatch instant death. Being quick on the trigger is essential for survival. It is also possible to enter and explore buildings - which may contain vital information or boobytraps. The civilian workforce hid a network of 'spies'. Unfortunately they have all been evacuated but you must understand their incredible mission if you are to succeed. This alone will test your powers of reasoning and deduction to the full. Catch 23 is a vast game with one of the biggest challenges ever designed on a home microcomputer. It is the closest thing yet to actually being there.

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