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THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! An alien race seeks the final destruction of humanity. Their awesome doomsday device, the Zephyr One, is programmed for the final assault. Only moments remain before mankind's last outpost gets blown to atoms.
THE ONLY HOPE! Transformed into a mercenary of the future, you become a one-man army dedicated to saving the world from imminent destruction. Armed with lasers, shields, and a jet power pack, you must infiltrate a heavily-guarded military zone and destroy the Alien weapon before the apocalypse is unleashed.
FREESCAPE PUTS YOU IN THE ACTION! Dark Side features Freescape, the ultimate smooth scrolling, solid 3-D system. You'll swear you are actually exploring a hi-tech military base of the future, observing your entire surroundings in 3-D first-person perspective.
- A fascinating combination of exploration and puzzle solving with loads of action!
- Tricks and traps abound--will you discover the secrets of the Dark Side?

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