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You are Earthman.
You have just crashed on the most desolate, hostile planet in the universe.
Home of the most terrifying war machines ever created.
Their creators are long-dead from a poisonous meteor shower, and a civilization of androids has used these Zoids to destroy and conquer the rest of their galaxy.
Now they destroy and conquer each other.
The Blue Zoids are the native inhabitants of Zoidstar and have adopted you into their warlike race.
The Red Zoids, composed of boiling hot metal, are invading exiles from Zoidstar's Blue Moon.
The battle for Zoidstar supremacy is on, and the Red Zoids are winning. If they are triumphant, the rest of the universe will fall prey to their destructive power.
The androids have chosen you, because of your human instinct and cunning, to lead the Blue Zoids into battle.
You must train in the art of Zoidthought, merge minds with the Blue Zoid fighting machine, and defeat the Red Zoids.
Earthman, the fate of the universe is in your mind.

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