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You're really up against it this time. These revolting robots have finally upped and turned their horribly powerful weapons on their kind human masters. Someone's got to stop it before it all gets out of hand... I mean, you just can't have bloodthirsty cyborg assassins roaming the streets and expect the citizens to put up with it. Who on earth is going to sort out the mess? You guessed - you get the job. Fortunately, you are just a little bit on the special side. You are Stryx, the product of Project Alpha Secure, the meanest fighting, smartest thinking machine ever invented. Half-man, half-robot, you are the business, the only one who can stop those wicked cyborgs. You'll have to work hard, though, blasting hordes of the revolting creatures and rescuing the keys to the Lifeforce. So, Stryx, you'd better get your jetpack on for some high level robot stomping through the immensely complex underground world of the Dome cities. It's a tough assignment and time is running out.

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