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Guide and Walkthrough by Tork110

Updated: 07/30/2006

Batman: The Caped Crusader

Level 1 - The Penguin: A Bird in the Hand

You start in a computer room which message in the upper left corner
 says, "insert disk".  Go left to collect the false nose.  (The 
false nose can be used at any time.  It turns you pink and allows
 you to be ignored by enemies.  It also gives you 2 percentage
 points.)  Go down the next door and go left to the next room and 
collect the boomerang.  Equip it and you will receive 4 percentage
 points.  Go right two screens to get the lock pick.  Go right two
 more screens to get the hand grenade.  Go left, up, left to get
 the control disk.  Go up and get the set of tools in the "4 broken
 machines..." room.  Go down, left to return the computer room.
  Open your  menu screen and try to use the control disk.  Nothing 
will happen.  Return to the game and you will get a new message
 that says, "BATCOMPUTER OUT OF ORDER!"  Use the set of tools, and
 the message will now be, "Computer operational."  Finally, use the
 control disk to get the message, "The GAMES people play..."  You
 get a percentage point for repairing the computer and a percentage
 point for using the disk.  

Time to leave the Batcave.  Go right, up, up and you will reach
 the outside world where villians will fight you.  It's really hard
 to fight, so it's best to spend your time stunning your
 enemies and moving to the next screen.  If you go right 3 
screens, you will run into the door key.  After that, five
 more screens to your left is a building that has a climbable wall.
  You have to get Batman to face right as you hold down and right to 
get him to start climbing, then just hold up till you reach the top. 

Once you reach the roof, move right two screens and you will find 
some lemonade.  An item like this can restore your energy.  Keep
 moving right by two screens to find a flashlight.  Go
 back left four screens and descend the wall.

Go left two more screens and climb the wall in the middle of the
 screen.  On the top of the roof, go left four screens, ignoring
 the door.  On the fourth screen is the rope, which you will need
 soon.  Go back right two screens.  You should have a message
 that says, "Take your PICK."  Use your lock pick on the door
 and enter.  You will receive 7 percentage points, brining
 your total up to 13.

Inside this building, you will find many closed doors.  To open
 them, use the door key on each of them.  You will get 8 points
 for the first time you do this, although none of these
 doors will appear to open.  Anyway, use the door key and
 go up, right, up, right, right to get the lift key.  Return left, left,
 down and you will be in a large, two level room with a lift.

  Stand on the lift and use the lift key.  You will receive 6
 percenatage points and be on the lower level now.  Go up, right,
 right, down, left, down, left and get the toast (restoring item) and a dart.
  Go right four screens and get the games disk.
  Go up, left, up, left and reach the "two halves" room.  Take the
 egg (restoration item), but you made need to use one of your
 other restoration items at this point.  Use the rope and you will get
 12 percentage points.  Take the rope up and you will
 be in a room with the magenet and a dart board in the background.
  Stand in front of the dartboard and use the dart.  You
 will get a passcard and 18 percentage points, bringing your total
 up to 57%.  If you use the magnet, you can get an additional
 9 percentage points.  Leave using the rope from the right side. 
 Now you must leave this place.  The fastest route is right,
 down, right, down, left, left, left, up, right, up, left, left,
 down, use the lift key, left, down, down.

Outside, go left two screens and climb down.  Go right one
 screen to get candy (restoration item) and right again to get
 the trainies.  These shoes can speed you up temporarily 
and earn you an additional 2 percentage points.  Now it's time to
 go left eight screens back to the "Don't PASS door" screen.
  Enter the door with the passcard.  You will get 9 more percentage 
points and will be in a dark room.  Use the flashlight and you will be
 able to see and get 9 more percentage points.  Go
 left two screens and get the video tape.  Go right, right, up, right,
 use the door key to go up, left, left.   In front of
 the television, use the video tape to get a single percentage 
point.  Go left, up, left, up to find a cup cake (restoration item).
  Go right.  (If you go down, right, down from here, you
 can pick up the knife, but I haven't found a use for it.  Neither
 have I found a use for the grendade.  I think they 
are red herrings meant to clutter your inventory.)  Go right, right,
 down, left, down, right, right, up, right, up, right to
 get a banana (your last chance for a restoration item.)  Go left,
 down, right, and you'll be in the "9 steps to hell" room.
  You're almost done.  Up, left, up, will get you the trumpet.  This
 trumpet does nothing but plays the 60s Batman theme briefly.
  To your right is the final room, with the message, "The big
 turn off".  Use the games disk to complete the level and
 get 10 final percentage points.  

Your final score should be 99%.  Unfortnately, I'm not sure 
how to get the last 1 percent.  The knife and grenade might
 have a use, but I have no idea where.

:Level 2 - The Joker: A Fete Worst Then Death

Go right, right, down, right to get the light bulb.  Go left
 four screens and you will be in a dark room.  Use the light
 bulb to get 9 percentage points, a gask mask, and a flash
 light.  Go right, up, right, right, up and get the batarang. 
 Equip it for 6 percentage points.  Descend to ladder into the

Quickly reach the bottom and put the gas mask.  You will keep
 your energy from falling so quickly and net an additional 15
 percentage points.  Take the ears.  The ears will give you a 
clue to Robin's location and give you an additional 4 percentage
 points.  Go right, down, and use the flashlight.  You will get 7
 percentage points for this.  Go left, down, left to get
 the toilet roll.  Go right, right, right, up to get a fish (a 
restoration item that you can't use yet.)  Go down, right, up,
 up, left, climb down, and get the shades.  Go left, left, down,
 left to get the false teeth.  If you use these,
 you can use any restoration item you find.  You also get four percentage
 points.  Your total should be 45 at this point.

Go right, down, right, up, right, down, right, right, up to
 get a cola (restoration item).  Go right, up, left and climb
 out of the sewers.  You should now be at the "Ghost in the house" screen.
  Go right, down, left, to get the wire cutters.
  With these, you can get rid of all 12 bombs in the sewer.  First,
 go down, right, up to reach some circus tents and the clogs.
  This screen should have a message that says, "Roll up!  Roll
 up!"  The clogs are a worthless item that actually makes you slower
 for a limited time and are worth no percentage points,
 so leave them alone.  

Go left, up, up to get a coconut (restoration item.)  There's
 nothing to the left, so go back by going down, down, right,
 and now go right, right, right, up to get the money.  Go down, left,
 left, up, up, left and you will see a slot machine.  You
 can make it work by using the money (3 percentage points).  Keep
 doing this several times until you get three of a kind.  You
 will be rewarded with the joker card.  

Leave by going right, down, down.   Now go right, right,
 right, right to a tent with a clown face on it.  Enter it. 
 Use the sunglasses and earn another 5 percentage points. 
 Go left, climb up the rope, go right, up, up, left, left and
 you should find a camera.  You can use it to snap a picture
 of a few foes and earn 4 percentage points.  Head right, down,
 left and use the Joker Card.  This will allow you to go
 through certain previously locked doors and you should 
now gain 8 percentage points.  You should now have 65%.

Go down, left to a screen with a caption that says, 
"Bust!"  Climb down.  (If you go right at this point, you
 will find a door that will lead you to a harmonica and
 pint of milk.  The milk is located at right, up, right, 
up, and the harmonica is located at down, right after 
the pint of milk room.  Leave the way you came.)   Go 
up.  (If you go left, down, you will come across an 
elephant.  Since I have no idea what it's used for, 
let's skip it.)  Go up, climb up, go down, left.  (At this 
point, you can go down, left, left for a restorative item,
 in this case a carrot.)  Go left, up, left, down, climb
 down, and get off the rope at this floor.  Go up, right,
 down ("Dealer's Call" caption), down, left, down, and you
 will be outside of another clown face on a tent.  

Head right, right, right for a chicken leg which can 
restore your health.  Head left, left and climb up.  Go 
left, grab the nail and hammer and use it for 7 
percentage points.  It doesn't appear to do anything, 
but I believe it helps you rescue Robin.  Climb up 
and you will find a dagger.  I don't think this item does
 anything.  To your left is Robin.  Believe it or not,
 you can't save him right now, nor do you have to be on
 this screen to save him.  Head right, climb down, left, 
climb down, left, and enter the clown face.  Right, up,
 up, left, down, climb down to head back into the sewer.

Now it's time to disarm all the bombs.  Remember 
those?  Go up, right and you'll reach the first bomb.  
Use the wire cutters to remove this bomb and get 10 
percentage points.  Head right and disarm a second bomb.
  Go right and disarm the third bomb.  Go right, climb up,
 go right, down, down, left, up and disarm this fourth 
bomb.  Go down, left and you'll find the "Confused?" 
caption.  Disarm the bomb here.  Five down, five to go.
    Go left, up, right, up, left, down, left to disarm bomb
 number six.  Go up to find bomb number seven.  There
 are three more bombs to go, and you need to backtrack a 
bit.  Go down, left, up, right, down, left, down, right, 
right, right, up, up, left, climb down, left, left, down,
 down, right, up, right, down to reach the eight bomb.  
Phew!  Go right, up and disarm bomb number nine.  Finally,
 go down, right, up, right, up, left to reach the final
 bomb.  This level is almost done.

Climb up and you'll be back at the "Ghosts on the 
haunt" screen.  You're remaining goal is to find The 
Joker.   The best thing to do is go right, down, left,
 down, right, up and you will be back in front of the 
circus.  Joker can show up on any screen here, so I 
can't give you any more directions.  You need to fight 
The Joker until he drops a rope item.  The best way to fight
 him is to get him into a corner and repeatedly
 kick upwards, which will knock Joker back.  Joker will 
walk towards you again and meet your foot several more 
times until he drops the rope.  Grab the rope, use it,
 and you will rescue Robin and complete the mission with
 93%.  I have no idea how to get the remaining 7 percent.

Copyright 2006 of Thomas Krug

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