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A complete workstation for the price of a home computer.

It's mouthwatering.
64K of RAM, 32K of ROM, a high resolution green screen VDU, integral cassette data recorder, typewriter style keyboard, numeric keypad and a very fast extended BASIC. (The CPC464 is also available with a colour monitor instead of a green screen VDU.)
And the CPC comes ready to go. Just plug it in.

64K RAM (42K available.)
The low cost but powerful CPC464 is equally at home in business and educational applications as it is running the household budget or playing games.
With 42K RAM available to BASIC, the opportunities for complex and sophisticated programming are considerable.

80 column text display.
The green screen VDU is purpose designed with a bright, crisp, 80 column text display that compares favourably with systems costing several times as much.
You can program up to 8 text windows and there's a graphics window too.
The CPC464 has a typewriter style keyboard, large ENTRY key, sensibly positioned cursor keys, numeric keypad for fast data entry and a full 8-bit character set.
If you think that sounds impressive, wait until you hear the 3-voice, 7-octave stereo output through a hi-fi amplifier and speakers.

Amsoft. High quality software.
A wide range of programs is already available and we're expanding it rapidly. The software takes full advantage of the CPC464's high specification and speedloading capability. Which means even complex programs can be loaded quickly.
Business applications, educational programs and arcade games are all designed to make maximum use of the CPC464's impressive graphics, stereo sound and processing abilities.

Amstrad User Club.
Members enjoy immediate benefits like the privilege card, Club binder, regular magazine, competitions for valuable prizes and contact with other Amstrad users.
Whether you're interested in serious commercial applications or simply a games fanatic, you'll want to join the Club.

CPC464 - Unlimited scope for expansion.
We've thought of everything you're likely to need in the future. That's why there's a built-in parallel printer interface. A low cost disk drive system featuring PC/M, (with the option to access 3000 programs) and LOGO Joystick port. And the virtually unlimited potential of the Z80 data bus with sideways ROM support.
Finally, a power supply and modulator (MP-1) allows you to connect your CPC464 green screen VDU system to a Colour TV.


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