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WELCOME to the incredible fantasy world of The Two Towers -- the second volume of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved Lord of the Rings Trilogy -- brought to life in an enchanting computer program, The Shadow of Mordor Software Adventure. In this exciting text adventure game you can play either the role of the brave Frodo Baggins or his loyal Hobbit friend, Sam Gamgee.

Separated from the members of the Fellowship, you must rely solely on your Hobbit ingenuity to escape the dangers that threaten your every move. The object of the quest is to destroy the Ring before it falls into the deadly grasp of the evil Sauron, whose many spies and servants would be more than happy to relieve you of your precious burden.
In this part of the journey you must find a guide to Mordor, navigate deadly swamps and underground mazes, descend treacherous cliffs, and sneak through the city of the winged Nazgûl. You will meet bands of roving Orcs, tame the slinking Sméagol, and win the trust of the brave Faramir. Each step of the way you must avoid the bone-chilling gaze of the Nazgûl and outwit the stealthy servants of Sauron. Your most terrifying trial is to defeat the monstrous spider Shelob, whose dark, bloodthirsty cunning has overcome many a wear traveler who has stumbled into her reeking den.

The Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure comes with everything you need to begin your magical adventure. You can even switch between the roles of Frodo and Sam while playing the game. A map is included, along with your personal to the lore and the language of Middle-earth. In the Shadows of Mordor you will visit many incredible places, some familiar, some new and strange, but all exciting. There are more than eighty locations to explore, over half of which are illustrated with exceptional-quality graphics. Good luck, Sam and Frodo! The mystical land of Middle-earth is just minutes away, and it's fate is in your hands.

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