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Join Superman in the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way, in this new 3-D arcade-action adventure. Its up to you to save the planet. But, be careful, because two of your most dangerous enemies -- Lex Luthor and Darkseid -- have struck an unholy alliance and have Lois Lane as a hostage. It's going to take all of your super powers -- telescopic and heat vision, super strength, super breath and fearless flight -- to save the world from destruction.

Can you ward off the onslaught of asteroid and Kryptonite storms to save the Star Lab Satellite? How will you break through the defenses of the terrifying space station that is threatening the planet? Can you save Lois Lane? Beware of the mutant robots and deadly Concussion Clouds! Now it's up to you, the Man of Steel to conquer the peirls that await.

From the introductory graphics that begin each adventure, to the breathtaking 3-D animation in each game, the Man of Steel provides hours of thrills and entertainment.

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