Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

DS Suske en Wiske: De Texas Rakkers 07/23/09 Europe
DS Casual Mania 02/26/10 Europe
DS Game Hits! 02/26/10 North America
DS Game Hits! 02/26/10 Europe
DS Casual Mania 02/26/10 North America
DS Mystery Tales: Time Travel 04/01/10 Europe
DS Titanic Mystery 05/02/10 Europe
DS Classic Games: Premium Selection 05/07/10 Europe
DS Restaurant Tycoon 05/28/10 Europe
DS The Treasures of Montezuma 06/11/10 North America
DS The Treasures of Montezuma 06/11/10 Europe
DS Cruise Line Tycoon 06/25/10 Europe
DS Emergency 06/25/10 Europe
DS Sea Park Tycoon 06/26/10 Europe
PC Youda Safari 09/24/10 Europe
PC Youda Farmer 09/24/10 Europe
DS Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom 10/08/10 Europe
DS Magic Encyclopedia II: Moonlight 10/14/10 Europe
Wii Armin Van Buuren: In The Mix 11/10/10 Europe
DS Youda Farmer 11/12/10 Europe
DS 18 Card Games 11/24/10 Europe
PC Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High 11/26/10 Europe
DS Picture Puzzle Collection: The Dutch Masters 11/26/10 Europe
DS Call of Atlantis 11/30/10 Europe
DS Match 3 Madness 11/30/10 Europe
PC Enchanting Islands 12/18/10 Europe
PC The Treasures of Montezuma 2 12/18/10 Europe
PC Island Realms 12/18/10 Europe
DS Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy 04/15/11 Europe
DS Youda Safari 05/05/11 Europe
DS Youda Safari 05/05/11 North America
PC Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie 05/12/11 Europe
DS Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues 07/01/11 Europe