Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PC World War One 11/14/08 Europe
PC Europa Universalis: Rome Gold 12/18/08 North America
PC Hearts of Iron II: Collection 02/13/09 Europe
PC Europa Universalis Collection 03/13/09 Europe
PC Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 05/14/10 Europe
PC Jack Keane 05/28/10 Europe
PC Commander: Conquest of the Americas 07/30/10 Europe
PC Victoria II 08/13/10 Europe
PC The Kings' Crusade 10/15/10 Europe
PC Steel Armor: Blaze of War 01/20/12 Europe
PC Empires & Dungeons 02/17/12 Europe
PC Port Simulator 02/17/12 Europe
PC Hotel Emporium 2 02/17/12 Europe
PC TV Manager 2 Deluxe Edition 03/16/12 Europe
PC Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming 05/25/12 Europe
PC Woodcutter Simulator 2012 06/08/12 North America
PC Woodcutter Simulator 2012 06/08/12 Europe
PC Agricultural Simulator 2012 06/22/12 Europe
PC Ski World Simulator 2012 08/15/12 Europe
PC War of the Roses 09/28/12 Europe