Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Amiga Flying Shark 1988 Europe
Atari ST Super Wonder Boy in Monster Land 1989 Europe
Amiga Back to the Future Part II 1990 Europe
Commodore 64 Back to the Future Part II 1990 North America
Atari ST Back to the Future Part II 1990 Europe
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Chip's Challenge 1990 Europe
Atari ST Chip's Challenge 1990 Europe
Amiga Chip's Challenge 1990 Europe
Amstrad CPC Chip's Challenge 1991 Europe
Amstrad CPC Shadow Dancer 1991 Europe
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Space Gun 1992 Europe
Atari ST Space Gun 1992 Europe
Amiga Space Gun 1992 Europe
PC Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight 1992 Europe
Commodore 64 Space Gun 1992 Europe
Atari ST Road Riot 4WD 1996 Europe
Lynx Alien vs. Predator Canceled North America
Lynx Road Riot 4WD Canceled North America
NES Chip's Challenge Canceled North America