Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PlayStation Crazy Chicken 2 12/15/00 Europe
Game Boy Color Moorhuhn 2: Die Jagd Geht Weiter 04/06/01 Europe
PC Moorhuhn 3 10/15/01 Europe
PC Snow Storm: X-Treme Snow Racing Action 2001 Europe
PlayStation Crazy Chicken Kart 11/17/03 Europe
PC Moorhuhn Kart 12/10/03 Europe
PlayStation Schnappi - 3 Fun Games 07/18/05 Europe
PlayStation Moorhuhn X 07/20/05 Europe
PC Crazy Chicken: Heart of Tibet 08/01/07 Europe
PC Quiz Taxi 11/13/07 Europe
DS Moorhuhn DS 12/28/07 Europe
DS Chicken Hunter 03/04/08 North America
DS Chicken Hunter: Jewel of Darkness 03/20/08 Europe
PC Monarch: The Butterfly King 05/19/08 Europe
PC Crazy Chicken: Jewel of Darkness 08/29/08 Europe
PC Crazy Chicken Kart: Thunder 09/05/08 Europe
PC Crazy Chicken Atlantis 09/05/08 Europe
DS Crazy Chicken: Star Karts 12/15/08 Europe
DS Crazy Chicken: Jump'N Run Atlantis Quest 2008 Europe
DS Crazy Chicken Adventure: The Pharaoh's Treasure 2008 Europe
PC Moorhuhn Big Adventure April 2009 North America
PC Project Aftermath 11/29/10 Europe