Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PC LucasArts Cartoon Adventures 1993 Europe
PC Congo The Movie: Descent Into Zinj 1995 Europe
PlayStation Burning Road November 1996 Europe
PC Auf der Suche nach dem Ultimate Mix 1996 Europe
PC Mad TV 2 1996 Europe
PC Earthworm Jim 2 1996 Europe
PC Bud Tucker in Double Trouble 1997 Europe
PlayStation Explosive Racing December 1997 Europe
PC Battle Arena Toshinden 2 1997 Europe
PC Gun Pack 1997 Europe
PlayStation VMX Racing 1997 Europe
PC D.O.G: Fight For Your Life 1997 Europe
PlayStation Kick Off World June 1998 Europe
PlayStation Freestyle Boardin' '99 August 1998 Europe
PC Alien Earth 1998 Europe
PC Tender Loving Care 1998 Europe
PC Funsoft Big Box 1998 Europe
PlayStation V-Ball: Beach Volley Heroes 1998 Europe
PlayStation Legend December 1998 Europe
PlayStation Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest June 1999 Europe
Oculus Go Rangi 01/19/17 North America
PC Rangi 08/02/17 North America
PlayStation 4 Rangi 03/06/18 North America