Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Apple II Sabotage (1981) 10/01/81 North America
Apple II Gobbler 1981 North America
Apple II Pegasus II 1981 North America
Apple II Laf Pack 1981 North America
Apple II Mouskattack 1982 North America
Atari 8-bit Mouskattack 1982 North America
Amiga Air Warrior 1990 Europe
Amiga A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery: The Hound of the Baskervilles 1991 North America
Atari ST Challenge Golf 1991 Europe
Amiga Cover Girl Strip Poker 1991 North America
Amiga Challenge Golf 1991 Europe
Amiga Chaos In Andromeda: Eyes Of The Eagle 1991 Europe
Amiga Battle Bound 1991 Europe
Atari ST Air Warrior 1991 Europe
Amiga Town With No Name 1992 Europe
Amiga Psycho Killer 1992 North America
PC Psycho Killer 1993 Europe
PC The Town With No Name 1993 Europe
Amiga Turning Points 1994 Europe
PC Rocky Interactive Horror Show 1999 North America
PC Giant Killers 2 1999 North America