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Developed and Published Games

PC Global Power 09/06/02 Europe
PC Heath: The Unchosen Path 08/08/03 Europe
PC Northland 08/15/03 North America
PC Moon Tycoon 08/15/03 Europe
PC FirePower for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 10/24/03 North America
PC Enigma: Rising Tide October 2003 Europe
PC Deep Sea Tycoon 11/07/03 Europe
PC Euro Club Manager 03/04 November 2003 Europe
PC One Must Fall: Battlegrounds 01/19/04 Europe
PC Journey to the Center of the Earth 02/27/04 Europe
PC WWI: The Great War 02/27/04 Europe
PC Combat Over Europe 03/05/04 North America
PC Cold War Conflicts 03/26/04 North America
PC 8th Wonder of The World 03/31/04 North America
PC Prince of Qin Q1 2004 Europe
PC D-Day, 1944: Invasion of Europe 05/28/04 Europe
PC The Black Mirror 05/28/04 Europe
PC Conspiracies 07/09/04 Europe
PC Great Journey 07/30/04 Europe
PC Seal of Evil 11/05/04 Europe
PC Will of Steel 02/04/05 North America
PC FA-18 Operation Desert Storm 03/04/05 Europe
PC Legacy: Dark Shadows 03/04/05 Europe
PC Crime Stories: From the Files of Martin Mystere 05/20/05 Europe
PC Hellforces 07/15/05 Europe
PC Deep Sea Tycoon 2 07/15/05 North America
PC Helicopter Assault 08/26/05 Europe
PC Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory 08/26/05 North America
PC Battleground Europe: World War II Online 11/11/05 Europe
PC IL-2 Forgotten Battles: Ostfront - Decisive Battles In The East 01/23/06 North America
PC Seawolves: Submarines on Hunt 03/03/06 North America
PC Alliance: Future Combat March 2006 Europe
PC Ground Zero: Genesis of a New World 06/02/06 Europe
PC Specnaz: Project Wolf 08/18/06 Europe
PC The Entente 2 06/15/07 Europe
PC Napoleon Canceled Europe
Xbox Extreme 4x4 Canceled Europe
PC MiG Alley 2 Canceled Europe