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Developed and Published Games

Amiga Whale's Voyage 1993 North America
Amiga CD32 Whale's Voyage 1993 Europe
PC Whale's Voyage 1994 North America
Amiga CD32 The Clue! 1994 Europe
PC The Clue! 1994 Europe
Amiga Cedric And The Lost Sceptre 1995 Europe
Amiga Whale's Voyage II 1995 Europe
PC Whale's Voyage II - Die Uebermacht 1995 Europe
Amiga Der Clou! ProfiDisk 1995 Europe
PC Dark Universe 1995 Europe
PC The Clue! Pro Disk 1995 Europe
Amiga Fightin' Spirit 1996 Europe
Amiga Spherical Worlds 1996 Europe
Amiga CD32 Black Viper 1996 Europe
Amiga CD32 Cedric And The Lost Sceptre 1996 Europe
Amiga Black Viper 1996 Europe
Amiga CD32 Fightin' Spirit 1996 Europe
PC Alien Nations 06/01/99 North America
PC The Sting! 06/29/01 North America
Xbox Max Payne 12/12/01 North America