Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PlayStation 4 A Hole New World 10/06/17 Europe
PlayStation Vita Bit Dungeon+ 03/27/18 North America
PlayStation 4 Bit Dungeon+ 03/27/18 North America
PlayStation 4 Ice Cream Surfer 07/18/18 Europe
PlayStation 4 Ghoulboy 03/05/19 North America
Nintendo Switch Circuits 04/05/19 Europe
Nintendo Switch Path to Mnemosyne 04/16/19 Europe
PlayStation 4 Super Skelemania 06/04/19 North America
Nintendo Switch Super Skelemania 06/06/19 North America
Nintendo Switch Captain Cat 06/21/19 North America
PlayStation 4 Path to Mnemosyne 06/27/19 Australia
Nintendo Switch Spell Casting: Purrfectly Portable Edition 06/28/19 North America
PlayStation Vita Conga Master Go! 07/24/19 North America
PlayStation 4 Ghoulboy 09/25/19 Europe
PlayStation Vita Balthazar's Dream 01/29/20 Europe
PlayStation 4 Balthazar's Dream 01/29/20 Europe
Nintendo Switch King Lucas 02/21/20 North America