Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Oculus Go Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue 08/13/15 North America
PC Waddle Home 07/07/16 North America
PlayStation 4 Waddle Home 10/13/16 North America
PlayStation 4 Darknet 03/07/17 North America
Oculus Go Hidden Fortune 03/28/17 North America
PlayStation 4 Smashbox Arena 07/25/17 Japan
PlayStation 4 The Pierhead Arcade 01/30/18 Japan
PlayStation 4 Blasters of the Universe 02/27/18 Europe
PC Evasion 10/08/18 North America
PlayStation 4 Evasion 10/09/18 North America
PC FREEDIVER: Triton Down 05/29/19 North America
Oculus Go Deep Space Battle: Outpost Orion 01/16/20 North America
PlayStation 4 FREEDIVER: Triton Down 02/25/20 North America
Oculus Quest FREEDIVER: Triton Down 02/25/20 North America