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Developed and Published Games

Android Dragon Parade 01/21/15 Japan
Android Telebeena 02/20/15 Japan
Android Sonic Runners 02/25/15 North America
Android Squads 03/15/15 Japan
Android Mekutte! Hitsuji Mu Chang 04/13/15 Japan
Android Hortensia Saga 04/21/15 Japan
Android Monster Gear 05/13/15 Japan
Android Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom 07/01/15 North America
Android Chaos Dragon: Konton Senso 07/02/15 Japan
Android Puzzle & Glory 07/23/15 North America
Android Xuccess Heaven: Neo Tokyo High School Success Battle 08/18/15 Japan
Android Cranky Food Friends 08/25/15 North America
Android War Pirates 08/26/15 North America
Android Yumeiro Cast 09/30/15 Japan
Android The World End Eclipse 10/28/15 Japan
Android Fortisia SEGAxLINE 12/07/15 Japan
Android Puyo!!Touch 12/09/15 Japan