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Developed and Published Games

Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Turbo the Tortoise 1992 Europe
Commodore 64 Turbo the Tortoise 1992 North America
Amstrad CPC Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 1992 Europe
Commodore 64 Potsworth 1992 North America
Game Boy Brain Drain 03/31/98 North America
PlayStation Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy 12/13/99 Europe
Game Boy Color Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing 1999 Europe
Game Boy Color Halloween Racer 1999 Europe
Jaguar Hyper Force 04/10/00 North America
Game Boy Color Roland Garros 2000 06/09/00 Europe
Game Boy Color Taxi 2 June 2000 Europe
PlayStation Dracula: The Resurrection June 2000 North America
Game Boy Color MTV Sports: Pure Ride 12/06/00 North America
PlayStation Louvre: The Final Curse 11/16/01 Europe
Game Boy Advance MotoGP 02/15/02 North America
Game Boy Advance Walt Disney's The Jungle Book 04/26/02 North America
PlayStation Dracula: The Last Sanctuary 05/06/02 North America
Game Boy Advance SSX Tricky 10/31/02 North America
Game Boy Color Taxi 3 2002 Europe
Game Boy Advance Taxi 3 01/22/03 Europe
Game Boy Advance SSX 3 11/11/03 North America
Game Boy Advance Corvette 11/11/03 North America
Game Boy Advance kill.switch 09/16/04 North America
Game Boy Advance Scrabble Blast! 05/02/05 North America
Game Boy Advance Ford Racing 3 11/03/05 North America
DS Burnout Legends 11/29/05 North America
DS Ford Racing 3 12/07/05 North America
Game Boy Advance Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam 11/01/06 North America
Game Boy Advance Rayman Raving Rabbids 11/14/06 North America
DS Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 06/25/07 North America
DS Imagine: Babysitters 09/19/08 North America
Wii Babysitting Party 11/26/08 Europe
Wii The Island of Dr. Frankenstein 10/13/09 North America
DS System: Flaw 10/27/09 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Brain Drain Puzzle 03/08/10 North America
DS System Flaw Recruit 04/16/10 North America
Wii Cruise Party 07/05/10 North America
DS Datamine 10/08/10 North America
DS Chevrolet Camaro: Wild Ride 11/05/10 North America
Wii Once Upon a Time 12/09/10 North America
Wii Beastly 02/25/11 North America
Wii Ram Racing 10/12/11 North America
3DS Pyramids 10/20/11 North America