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Developed and Published Games

Commodore 64 Potsworth 1992 North America
Commodore 64 Turbo the Tortoise 1992 North America
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Turbo the Tortoise 1992 Europe
Amstrad CPC Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 1992 Europe
Game Boy Brain Drain 03/31/98 North America
PlayStation Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy 12/13/99 Europe
Game Boy Color Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing 1999 Europe
Game Boy Color Halloween Racer 1999 Europe
Jaguar Hyper Force 04/10/00 North America
Game Boy Color Roland Garros 2000 06/09/00 Europe
Game Boy Color Taxi 2 June 2000 Europe
PlayStation Dracula: The Resurrection June 2000 North America
Game Boy Color MTV Sports: Pure Ride 12/06/00 North America
PlayStation Louvre: The Final Curse 11/16/01 Europe
Game Boy Advance MotoGP 02/15/02 North America
Game Boy Advance Walt Disney's The Jungle Book 04/26/02 North America
PlayStation Dracula: The Last Sanctuary 05/06/02 North America
Game Boy Advance SSX Tricky 10/31/02 North America
Game Boy Color Taxi 3 2002 Europe
Game Boy Advance Taxi 3 01/22/03 Europe
Game Boy Advance Corvette 11/11/03 North America
Game Boy Advance SSX 3 11/11/03 North America
Game Boy Advance kill.switch 09/16/04 North America
Game Boy Advance Scrabble Blast! 05/02/05 North America
Game Boy Advance Ford Racing 3 11/03/05 North America
DS Burnout Legends 11/29/05 North America
DS Ford Racing 3 12/07/05 North America
Game Boy Advance Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam 11/01/06 North America
Game Boy Advance Rayman Raving Rabbids 11/14/06 North America
DS Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 06/25/07 North America
DS Imagine: Babysitters 09/19/08 North America
Wii Babysitting Party 11/26/08 Europe
Wii The Island of Dr. Frankenstein 10/13/09 North America
DS System: Flaw 10/27/09 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Brain Drain Puzzle 03/08/10 North America
DS System Flaw Recruit 04/16/10 North America
Wii Cruise Party 07/05/10 North America
DS Datamine 10/08/10 North America
DS Chevrolet Camaro: Wild Ride 11/05/10 North America
Wii Once Upon a Time 12/09/10 North America
Wii Beastly 02/25/11 North America
Wii Ram Racing 10/12/11 North America
3DS Pyramids 10/20/11 North America