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PlayStation 2

Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeI pick apart every aspect of this unique but flawed version, good for beginners and intermediates but unsuitable for experts and hardcore arcade fans09/29/04
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Japan)Not perfect, but easily the best home version ever10/22/03
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Japan)Not perfect, but easily the best home version ever04/19/04
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2Releases like this clearly reveal the series' age, especially in the wake of new competition10/20/05
Dance Dance Revolution Party CollectionIt's solid, and I enjoy it, but it's not for everyone12/17/03
DDR Festival Dance Dance RevolutionThere isn't a whole lot here for importers--and for Japan... well... it's still DDR, I guess12/07/04
DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th MixDDRMAX's excellent 44 songs and flawless gameplay will leave you smiling...and sweaty09/29/04
DDRMAX2: Dance Dance RevolutionNice songlist and features, but no new challenges...09/29/03
DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th MixDDRMAX2 is the best home DDR... for now04/26/03
EspgaludaOnly the hardcore will truly appreciate it, but it's one of the best games of its kind... ever03/01/05
In the GrooveIf you enjoy DDR, there's a good chance you'll enjoy ITG--especially if you're looking for a challenge06/23/05
PlayStation 2You can hate it like I did, but you'll have to buy one eventually12/17/02
Pump It Up: ExceedThe big, juicy steak is there, but the side dishes are missing, and you have to unlock the fork and knife09/17/05
Quake III RevolutionA decent version of Q3, but with glaring omissions04/08/02