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About Me

What is there to say about me as I'm not even sure where to even start let alone what I can or cannot say in here as long as I can keep it clean. I started coming to GameFAQs around late 1999 to mid 2000 to see what was on there for whatever games I had to see if there was anything I didn't know about them as for any hidden stuff or a different way of going through my favorite games. Wasn't until July 2001 when I finally made an account and at first didn't think I'd stick around this long but some time after making it wanted to contribute starting off with submitting some cheats/unlockables then started writing up reviews and finally onward to walkthroughs. Although I have contributed in other areas over the years but without life wanting to get in the way lot of times during my time here which is part of not having motivation to write and all. While there is one thing that many would not know about me having a form of autism that can affect the focusing part of me when it comes to writing walkthroughs mostly to even when it comes to playing the games I'm playing to write a walkthrough for.

Been around here for almost 15 years have tried improving how I play any of the games I've played over the years or even discover other games that I've probably missed out whether if it's recent to even if it's something that came out years ago. Whenever I write I never stop trying to improve on how I approach it and maybe even try going about trying something different. I'd like to say that my writing style hasn't changed much over the years but at the same time may have changed some during that time which is a good thing to me anyways and who don't like to go about improving in something that they enjoy doing. Outside of video games I do enjoy music, movies, auto racing [NASCAR, IRL, Le Mans] as a few of the hobbies that I enjoy and other than that I'm not sure what else there is to say about me.