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Game Saves

Dreamcast DCI File (Use with Interact/Nexus card) (North America)

D2Save Game File04/23/154K
Camera snapshot from last location in game.
D2Save Game File04/23/156K
Jannie camera snapshot.
D2Save Game File04/23/152K
Near final boss.
Floigan Bros. Episode 1Save Game File03/12/171K
Floigan Bros Monthly DLC (Costumes, Mini-Game, Etc.)

Dreamcast DCI File (Use with Interact/Nexus card) (Japan)

Chou-Hatsumei Boy Kanipan: Bousou Robot no Nazo!?Save Game File04/30/1564K
Bonus save with Minigame for VMU.
D+Vine [Luv]Save Game File01/08/1515K
Near final Boss. Lots of good items and magic. Hyde high LV.
deSPIRIASave Game File04/23/154K
Arua LV.62 - Near final boss, saved in city w/ lots of items.
Elemental Gimmick GearSave Game File04/21/153K
Save with all bonus items unlocked.
Kita e. White IlluminationSave Game File04/12/1810K
My own save - unlock Kita e. mini-games and shmup Guardian Wing in arcade on city map.
Napple Tale: Arsia in DaydreamSave Game File04/21/151K
DLC save with bonus location.
Ouka HoushinSave Game File12/18/1410K
Save near final boss. Characters have a high LV. and strong special moves. Extra items.
Seirai Hata RayBladeSave Game File12/18/144K
Lots of CG's in Album. All movies open, all mech's and characters in Diary.
Undercover AD2025 KeiSave Game File04/23/156K
Last save point before main boss.

Dreamcast DCI File (Use with Interact/Nexus card) (Europe)

EvolutionSave Game File04/30/1515K
Bonus save Linear Clock for VMU.