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About Me

Howdy all. My name is Allen Tyner, also known as SBAllen. I've been contributing to this site since 1997, an active board member since the day the boards launched in 1999, a paid staff member since 2004, and the Product Manager since 2007. I guess you could say that GameFAQs is a pretty important site to me.

So, what else might you be interested in knowing... well, I have a lovely wife, two beautiful kids, and an awesome dog. I like to play video games, create guides for them, website development, geocaching, and binge watching tv shows and movie franchises. I'm a decent cook, expert rapper, and have been known to occasionally serve up a dank meme or two here and there.

When it comes to games, I mostly play role-playing games and weird music/rhythm games. I love amiibos and have way too many of them for no real reason. With two little ones running around, I generally find myself sticking to portable games lately, spending most of my gaming time on my 3DS or my phone.

I think that about covers it for now. I'll see if I can think of anything else interesting to put in here later.