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Mutant League FootballMidway Monsters Passwords11/18/00

Nintendo 64

Mario TennisCourts06/17/01
Mario TennisHave a handicap08/30/00
Mario TennisPlay as a left-hander08/30/00
Mario TennisUnlock Donkey Kong Jr.08/30/00
Mario TennisUnlock Shy Guy08/30/00
Super Smash Bros.Unlockable Characters08/30/00


Comanche 4Unlock All Missions02/25/02
Desperados: Wanted Dead or AliveCheat Codes03/21/02
NHL 99Additional Cheats01/02/07
RuneCheat Codes12/01/03
RuneGet Items05/13/01
StarcraftCheat Codes08/31/00
The Operative: No One Lives ForeverCheat Codes06/19/02
TrespasserGo straight to the ending08/17/01
TrespasserLots of gore08/17/01
TrespasserSlow motion08/17/01
TrespasserTeleport to a new location08/17/01
TrespasserUnlimited Ammo08/17/01
TrespasserUnlock all levels08/17/01