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Game Saves

Nintendo 64 DexDrive Save (North America)

All-Star Baseball 99Save Game File09/29/0136K
This contains T64's all-star roster for the Pirates. It has all the big named players.
Automobili LamborghiniSave Game File10/03/0136K
All cars and reverse modes unlocked by T64.
Banjo-KazooieSave Game File10/03/0136K
Game fully completed with everything unlocked by T64.
BattleTanxSave Game File10/03/0136K
T64's save with extra options available!
Beetle Adventure RacingSave Game File10/03/0136K
The fully unlocked T64 save file.
Bio FREAKSSave Game File10/03/0136K
Start at Mutilator with Bullzeye by T64.
Blast CorpsSave Game File10/03/0136K
T64 fully unlocked save file.
Bomberman 64Save Game File10/06/0136K
All Dragon Pieces by T64.
Bomberman HeroSave Game File10/06/0136K
T64 fully completed game.
Bust-A-Move '99Save Game File09/29/0136K
T64Mike's completed Bust-A-Move '99 save. Puzzles unlocked.
California SpeedSave Game File10/06/0136K
T64 new cars unlocked.
CastlevaniaSave Game File10/06/0136K
T64 at final area with two characters to kill Dracula.
Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessSave Game File10/06/019K
T64 save with every possible item at the start of the game!
Chameleon Twist 2Save Game File10/06/0136K
All four characters with everything unlocked, T64.
Cruis'n USASave Game File10/06/0136K
All cars unlocked, T64.
Deadly ArtsSave Game File10/06/0136K
All of the characters unlocked, T64.
Donkey Kong 64Save Game File10/06/0136K
Game fully completed with a score of 101%!
Hot Wheels Turbo RacingSave Game File09/29/0136K
The T64 save with everything unlocked.
Mission: ImpossibleSave Game File09/29/0136K
T64 M:I save with all missions completed, everything unlocked.
Nightmare CreaturesSave Game File09/29/0136K
T64's game entirely unlocked.
Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of FateSave Game File02/20/0236K
This is a save containing Despair as a playable character unlocked by T64.