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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DeathKeepBackpack Codes07/14/01
Alone in the DarkInfinite Health From Flasks07/14/01
Ballz: The Director's CutIn-Game Codes07/25/02
BattleSportComplete List of Hidden Messages07/14/01
BattleSportMain Menu Codes07/14/01
Blade ForceLevel Editor07/14/01
CyberdilloCheat Menu07/14/01
Dragon's LairUnlimited Lives07/14/01
Flying NightmaresInvincibility07/14/01
Foes of AliCheat Menu Codes05/26/01
ImmercenaryUltimate Cheat Menu07/16/01
John Madden FootballIn-Game Codes07/16/01
Johnny BazookatoneLevel Passwords07/16/01
Killing TimeCheat Menu07/16/01
Killing TimeCheat Menu Level Select Passwords07/16/01
Killing TimeCheat Menu Other Options07/16/01
MazerIn-Game Cheats07/16/01
MicrocosmLevel Passwords07/16/01
Off-World Interceptor$9,999,90007/17/01
Out of This WorldPasswords07/17/01
PataankOptions Menu Codes09/26/01
PO'edComplete Inventory10/05/01
Road & Track Presents: The Need for SpeedAmazing Accidents That Don't Occur Cheat07/16/01
Road & Track Presents: The Need for SpeedVs. Rocket Scooter07/16/01

Arcade Games

Zombie RevengeCostumes09/04/01

Commodore 64

Night ShiftPassword06/09/02


TimeSplitters 2Unlockables10/18/02


Sonic the Hedgehog ChaosFree Emerald09/05/01
Sonic the Hedgehog ChaosLevel Select09/05/01
Sonic the Hedgehog ChaosSound Test09/05/01


Madden NFL '94Super Bowl Shortcut09/01/01
Mortal KombatGreen Effects10/01/01
The PagemasterJump Levels09/21/01


8 EyesHouse of Ruth Passwords07/13/01
Adventure IslandContinue the game07/13/01
Adventure Island IIInfinite Lives07/13/01
Adventures of Lolo 2New Difficulty Levels07/13/01
Adventures of Lolo 2Passwords07/13/01
After BurnerReversed Mode07/13/01
After BurnerSound Test (US Version)07/13/01
All-Pro BasketballPasswords02/25/02
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesRemove Crushers in Level 307/12/01


Nerf Arena BlastFlying Mode09/04/01
Nerf Arena BlastGhost Mode09/04/01
Nerf Arena BlastGod Mode09/04/01
Nerf Arena BlastWalk Mode09/04/01
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War CrisisCodes09/25/01

PlayStation 2

Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecProfessional Mode07/14/01
Madden NFL 2002Houston Texans in Franchise Mode09/19/01