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The Most Advanced Video Game System You Can Buy
ColecoVision was designed for what you have in mind -- a great game system that's expandable into a great computer system.

Arcade Quality Graphics
ColecoVision graphics have the superior resolution and brilliant colors of real arcade games. And this new advanced level of quality holds true for every part of the system.

Plays The Best
ColecoVision has arcade-quality controls -- joystick, fire and jump buttons that make it easy to play. And ColecoVision offers a library of your favorite arcade games like Donkey Kong (which comes as a bonus with ColecoVision) Turbo, ZAXXON and Cosmic Avenger. Sports and educational games, too. Even ColecoVision's exclusive Smurf game based on the #1 Cartoon Show.

Plays The Most
ColecoVision plays more more games than any other system, because ColecoVision is an expandable system. By using ColecoVision's first Expansion Module you'll be able to play all of the Atari VCS compatible cartridges.

An Expandable Computer
When you buy ColecoVision, you've already bought a sophisticated computer ready to accept expansion modules of all kinds. And in 1983, you'll be able to "activate" ColecoVision's amazing memory simply by plugging in a keyboard, a printer, and other computer accessories. This expansion feature is your assurance that ColecoVision will always keep pace with "state of the art" developments in electronics.

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