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It's a race. It's a chase. It's ALPHABET ZOO. And it teaches children the relationship of letters and sounds. And also how to spell while they're having fun.

ALPHABET ZOO is two letter-skill games in one. In both, children develop essential vocabulary skills as they race through the maze after letters that fit the picture on the screen. Different playing levels allow children to concentrate on vowels or consonants, or to be challenged by the entire alphabet. And children also strengthen their spelling skills.

With colorful graphics and great sound effects adding to the fun, ALPHABET ZOO lets your children laugh and learn at the same time.

Dale Disharoon, author of ALPHABET ZOO, is a teacher, programmer, and classical guitarist who specializes in educational games for young children.

Educational value: ALPHABET ZOO helps children strengthen their letter recognition skills as they associate letters of the alphabet with the sounds they represent. The program also helps sharpen a child's spelling skills. Ages: 3-7

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