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You were quietly sipping a double vodka martini (stirred, not shaken) with a twist of Persian lime peel in the lobby of the Bangkok Hilton when you overheard two KGB employees discussing an encoded message which was giving fits to their superiors. The message was the key to a fortune in valuable computer data, but so far all the cryptologists in the Ukraine couldn't put the puzzle together again. Slavic security being what it is, each component of the message was kept on a separate floor of the diplomatic mission in Pyongyang.
It didn't take long to figure that the person who could assemble the parts of the puzzle and then solve it would not have to work another day in his or her life. And you, of course, had been getting progressively more bored with the life of spy for hire. Perhaps retirement awaited.
A little research proved fruitful. Each floor contains bits of the puzzle stored in dossiers, tapes, microfilms, and other tools of the trade. All you have to do is gather these and crack the code.
What your research didn't turn up was the schedule of rounds made by the embassy guards...but you decide to go ahead with the mission. No one said making a fortune would be easy...

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