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Donald's mischievous nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, would love to have a playground of their own. You can help kind-hearted Uncle Donald build them one.
Walt Disney Personal Computer Software by Sierra captures your child's imagination while developing necessary skills and building knowledge. Stunning graphics, delightful characters, and compelling and challenging activities motivate your child to grasp the concepts involved.
Players direct the Amquack Special to make pickup and delivery stops at the eight towns in Duck Country. Your child must help Donald control the switches to guide the train to the correct destination. Players earn money for each package delivered.
Your child will enjoy working at four different, entertaining jobs along with Donald, earning the money needed to buy playground equipment. Whether working at the produce stand, stocking toy store shelves, or sorting cargo at McDuck Airlines, your child will be challenged to recognize and match shapes, color and letters.
With their earnings, players may buy equipment and construct a playground of their own design. Your child will find everything from swings to monkey bars in either the general store, the hardware store, or the junk shop. With each purchase, your child will develop a better understanding of money-handling.

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