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GALACTIC SPACE WARS: You have been given full control of a fighter spacecraft. Your mission is to seek out, pursue, and fire upon enemy vessels. But space is a vast area to cover and there are many types of ships out there either trying to evade you or fire upon you as their opportunities arise. Do you have the skill and patience to maneuver your craft and successfully use your lasers to cripple the enemy space force as they also try to score hits against your craft? Use your instruments to search for these elusive ships. LUNAR LANDER: In your lunar lander you have a limited supply of fuel to enable you to land on the designated platform on the rocky surface of the planet. To come down too fast or to miss the platform would be disastrous for your lander. Your performance is being timed. Under all this pressure and with the delayed response inherent in the lunar lander, can you pilot the small craft to a safe landing?

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