Review by GOLD_sonic

Reviewed: 05/18/09

You know what they say... all Mario hotels toast in hell!

Oh look! It's Hotel Mario! Considered to be the worst Mario game in existence! Well, believe it or not, but this is not the worst Mario game in my opinion. That doesn't mean it's good, though. Far from it, in fact.

Story- Peach has been captured, and is looked in one of Bowser's seven koopa hotels. (Why does he have hotels?) Mario and Luigi find out about this by reading a letter Bowser left at their front door. (Why did he leave them a letter?) So, from here on out, Mario and Luigi (but mostly Mario) have to go through hotels, toast toast, and get things off clouds. The story is so poorly written that it will make you laugh more than cry, and many have made youtube poops of te games cutscenes. For good reasons, I might add.

Graphics- The game gives you a taste of what's to come with a horribly choppy intro. The cutscenes feature characters that are poorly animated and pause every few seconds. They are so bad, that they actually become enjoyable to watch, and are the "highlight" of the whole game. But for all the wrong reasons... The in-game stuff isn't much better either, as everything lacks detail, and many backgrounds become very boring and repetitive after only a few minutes.

Sound- Listen to the voice actors and try not to laugh. They are the worst voice actors I have heard in quite some time. They show no emotion, and because of the games sad excuse for a script, they are just funny to hear. The music is however, SO bad, that I can't listen to it without screaming. The sound effects are your general stuff, though.

Gameplay- Wheee! In this game, we get to CLOSE DOORS! That's all you have to do in-fact. This is harder than it should be though, due to the nearly broken controls, and god-awful collision detection. You can jump on certain foes, and STILL get hit, when sometimes you won't. Why? It's just a pain, and opening and closing doors, was never a good idea to begin with.... especially in a MARIO game!

Replay- None. You beat the game, and that's it. Why would you though? There is little to no fun to be had! It's better to just play another Mario game all together!

Overall- Stay away. FAR away! Watch the cutscenes on youtube for some good laughs, and then never look back! Besides the humorous fail that this game has given us, nothing else good has come of it.


Rating: 3

Product Release: Hotel Mario (US, 12/31/94)

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