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Walkthrough by Avid Gamer

From Avid Gamer <avidgamer@blueriver.net>
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Link: The Faces of Evil walkthrough (CD-I)
(Note: All items that you get or are given, I put in all caps)

Go to Goronu. Go right - to the bridge. Kill the Dairas and get the RUBIES
they leave. Go back to the left and go in the door.  Strike the triforce map
with the sword.

Go back to Goronu. Repeat the process until you have a lot of rubies.
(I suggest getting at least 185) Buy 4 BOMBS, 7 ROPES, 7 LAMP OILS in
Morshu's shop. That should give you a pretty good start.

Go to Nortinka. Go to the far left into the last igloo on the upper level
and get the KEY. Kill all of the Moblin Spearthrowers and get the
SNOWBALLS they leave behind (including both igloos).  Strike the triforce
map, leave Nortinka, go back to Nortinka and kill them again. Repeat this
until you have at least 20 snowballs. (I suggest 40 or so)

Go to Crater Cove. Go to the end of the lower rock level and get the KEY.
Go into the hut at the end of the upper rock level.  (use bombs on the
Gohma's (crabs) to kill them quickly & easily) Talk to Anutu and he'll give
you the POWER BLAST SWORD. Go back to the first hut and go in. Talk to the
woman. Go back to the skull outside and strike it. Take the KEY. Go in the
cave. Use the snowballs on the Fire Dairas and take the FIRESTONES they
leave behind on your way to the triforce map.

Go back to Nortinka. Go in the first door (above you). Talk to the woman.
Select the firestones. Shoot her with one if you need health. Go into the
door to your right. Use the firestones on the Abominams (monkey-looking
critters) and go to the top of the mountain. Go in the door. Talk to Ipo and
strike the triforce map.

Go to Toyku Lighthouse. Go right, along the lower level. Cross the bridge
and jump the gap in the next bridge. Climb up the ladder and take the KEY.
Go to the right and go in the door. Go down and talk to the woman. Go out
the door beside you. Cross the bridge or go under it. Go into the lighthouse
door. Go up the stairs and talk to the man. He gives you the LANTERN.

Go back to Nortinka. Get more SNOWBALLS. (I suggest 99-you'll use them
eventually anyways)

Go to Firestone Lake. Use bombs on the Octoroks. Go to the raft. Go right
and up. Use a bomb on the boulder. Go into the cave. Talk to Gwonam. Use the
lantern. Use the snowballs on the fireballs. Grab the GRAPPLE BERRIES on the
way down (right side-looks like cherries). Use the snowballs on the fireball
that's stationary at the bottom of the cave. Take the FIRE DIAMOND.

Go to Spearfish Falls. Go down to the raft and get on it (duck when entering
the cave). Go right, then up to the top. Blast the boulder out of your way
with a bomb. Exit the cave. Go up. Go in the opening. Talk to the Fairies.
They'll give you another LIFE HEART & WATER OF LIFE. Go up and into the
opening. Go up along the left side and cross the bridge. Go in the cave.
Toss a bomb at Gleeok. Take the NECKLACE. Use a rope on the ledge below the
doorway. Go back to the bridge. Go up (along the right side). Take the KEY.
Go in the door. Talk to the witch. She'll give you the POWER GLOVE.

Go back to Toyku Lighthouse. Return the necklace to the woman and she'll
give you a CANTEEN (EMPTY).

Note: You can refill the canteen with water of life at any time by going
to Nortinka, going into the door above you and shooting the woman with
a firestone.

Go to Serigon Caves. Go left. Drop down. Go into the right cave. Get the
ICE CRYSTAL. Go back outside. (Optional: Go into the left cave. Strike the
WATER OF LIFE. Go back outside.) Climb the wall to the left. Destroy the
boulder with the power glove (or 10 bombs) and go in the cave. Go talk to
the woman.

Go get some BOMBS (at least 15), LAMP OIL (at least 6), and FIRESTONES (at
least 5). The next part's difficult! (It was for me anyway)

Go to Fortress Centrum. Go down to the bottom of the mountain, then right
to the fortress door. Go in. Use bombs on the Wall Masters (hands). Go up.
Go in the right door. (the left door eventually leads to WATER OF LIFE)
Go up to the other door and go in. Go up to "Zelda" and talk to her. Use 4
firestones on Goronu. Take the CRYSTAL OF REFLECTION.

Go back to Serigon Caves and talk to the woman in the last cave again. She'll
use the crystal of refection on your shield.

Go to Gonoru. Go past the bridge and up to the boulder. Blast it and go in.
Talk to Gwonam. Go right. Go up using the drawer sticking out. Go right. Use
a rope on one of the platforms above you to get back up if you miss the jump.
Go in the door. Use ropes to go up. Defeat Goronu again using 4 firestones.
Take the BELL he leaves behind.

Go to Harlequin Bazaar. Talk to Gwonam. Go down to the bottom, then go right.
Go in the doorway with "teeth". Go down,right, and up - into the mouth. Go
down. Go down to the bridge and cross it jumping the gaps along it. Go up the
ladders until you reach the hand. Jump onto the belt of skulls, then onto the
hand. Jump up to the "heart" and go in. Go right using bombs on the hands.
Use your sword to defeat Harlequin. Take the KEY and use a rope to get up to
the door. Go in. Talk to the old man. He converts the lantern to a MAGIC

(Go get a lot of bombs (30 or so). You might need'em.)

Go to Militron. Talk to Gwonam. Go up. Use the Power Glove (or 10 bombs) to
eliminate the boulder. Go in the opening. Go down,right,up. Use a bomb on the
wall w/skulls. Go in the big door. Go right. Climb up the chain. Go left
until you come to a helmet-head door. Go in. (Defeat all of the flying red
demons before you drop down!) Drop through the crack in the floor on the left
side of the screen. Defeat Militron by jumping up and throwing your sword at
his head. It takes about 4 hits. Keep your distance! Take the WINGED HELMET.

Go to Shipwreck Cliff. Go to the bow (front) of the ship. Take the KEY.
Go back to the door and go in. Talk to the woman. Go through the hole in the
side of the ship. Kill all of the Arpagos (birds). Use the winged helmet to
leap across the chasm. Go down to the old man and talk to
him. Jump up and slash at the chains. He'll use your fire diamond on your
sword. You now can throw your sword even when your energy is low.

Go to Glutko. Go down. Go out the doorway. Go kill the Moblin Spearthrower
underneath you and take the KEY it leaves. Go right and blast the wall. Go to
the far right and go in the door. Talk to Drulik. Go in the cave in the
upper-left corner. Go along the lower path and talk to Gwonam. Get on the
upper pathway and go right. Go in the cave entrance that light's shining from
(above the tonsil). Drop down and use a bomb on Glutko's head. Go right. Use
the power glove or 10 bombs on the boulder that's blocking the exit and go
outside. Go up the mountain and refill your life (and the canteen if it's
empty) with the WATER OF LIFE. Go up into the Shrine of Koridai and defeat
Glutko the same way as before. Take the BOOK OF KORIDAI.

Go to Nortinka. Go back up to Ipo (door above you) and he'll read the secret
verse in the book of Koridai for you.

Go to Lupay. Talk to Gwonam. Go up and go into the door. Go up and out the
door at the top. Go up and kill the second small blue helmet-head and take
the KEY it leaves behind. Go up to the 2 caves and use a rope to go higher.
Go in that door. Climb up the right side and deflate Harlequin again using
the sword on his head. Drop down the left side (try not to fall all the way
down) and use the rope to climb back up to the WATER OF LIFE. Fill up and
drop down to the glowing cave that's to your right. Go in the cave. Stand on
the far left side and do nothing. Refill your energy when/if necessary.
Lupay's shots will reflect off your shield and hit him. Take the

Go to Hermit Flat. Walk around the swamp. Use the winged helmet to get across
the last jumps. Go in the door. Talk to Gwonam. He tells you that you can now
see the Sand Croomeys.

If you're low on ropes (<10) or rubies (<40), I'd advise you to go get some!

Go to Ganon's Lair. Walk along the upper path. Blast the wall with a bomb and
get on the raft. Climb on the rocks and use the winged helmet to jump over
to the big opening in the wall.(Note: it is possible to make a regular jump-
but it's more difficult) Go in the opening. Drop down onto the log. Jump
off. Kill all of the enemies coming at you while moving slowly to the left.
Use the winged helmet to jump the chasm. Go in the opening. Go right using
ropes when necessary. Defeat Militron again using the same technique. Go
right and go in the door. Go up. (I strongly recommend killing all of the
flying snakes before proceeding) Go in the door. Use a rope to proceed
upward. Go up to the top using the drawers that are sticking out.
This is it! Ganon! Go into the beam of light. Toss the book of Koridai at
Ganon to defeat him. Take the key and go into the prison. (upper-left door)
Slash at the golden shield behind Zelda to awaken her.
******************************** THE END! ***********************************

Item / where to get it / it's use / how to get it
BOMB / Morshu's shop in Goronu / destroy boulders & kill enemies / buy with

ROPE / Morshu's shop in Goronu / climb up to places you can't reach / buy
with rubies

LAMP OIL / Morshu's shop in Goronu / use in lantern / buy with rubies

KEY / various locations / opens locked doors /use your sword on it

SNOWBALL / Nortinka / kill fire-based creatures / kill the Moblin Spear-

POWER BLAST SWORD / Crater Cove / ability to throw your sword / talk to Anutu

FIRESTONE / Crater Cove's cave / kill snow-based creatures / kill Fire Dairas

LANTERN / Toyku Lighthouse / light up dark caves / talk to man in lighthouse

GRAPPLE BERRIES / cave in Firestone Lake / give to witch on top of Spearfish

Falls / pick it up with the sword

FIRE DIAMOND / cave in Firestone Lake / give to man across the chasm in
Shipwreck Cliff so that you can throw your sword / use snowballs on the
stationary fireball at the bottom of the cave

NECKLACE / cave near the top of Spearfish Falls / give to woman in Toyku
Lighthouse / kill Gleeok

POWER GLOVE / cave at the top of Spearfish Falls / destroy boulders & kill
enemies (uses 10 rubies per use) / get the grapple berries from the cave in
Firestone Lake and give them to the witch at the top of Spearfish Falls

CANTEEN / Toyku Lighthouse / fill with water of life to replenish your health
later / return the necklace that Gleeok has to the woman in Toyku Lighthouse

ICE CRYSTAL / first cave in Serigon Caves / give to the old man in Harlequin
Bazaar / strike it with the sword

WATER OF LIFE / Spearfish Falls,Serigon Caves,Fortress Centrum,Glutko,Lupay /
refill your life hearts (energy) / strike it with the sword

CRYSTAL OF REFLECTION / upper-left door inside Fortress Centrum / give to
the woman in the last cave in Serigon Caves

BELL / Goronu / freezes all flying enemies (uses 5 rubies per use) / defeat

MAGIC LANTERN / old man in Harlequin Bazaar / light up dark caves without the
need for lamp oil / Defeat Harlequin and go in the door above you with the
ice crystal

WINGED HELMET / Militron / jump farther than normal / defeat Militron

BOOK OF KORIDAI / Glutko / learn how to defeat Ganon / defeat Glutko twice

CRYSTAL OF VISION / Lupay / ability to see the Sand Croomeys / kill Lupay

(NOTE: If anyone knows anything I didn't mention, please let me know. Thanks)

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