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Hi kid, I hear ya got a computer at home. Real nice computer. Shame if anything should happen to it.
Stop staring, kid. I don't like bein' stared at. Aintcha never talked to a three-foot-high blue rabbit before? Anyway, like I wuz sayin' - ain't nuthin' gonna happen to dat nice computer of yours. Not if ya take advantage of my offer. First of all I wantcha ta buy dis game. Den I wantcha ta load it up. Den I wantcha ta help me ta take over all da mobs in Chicago.
Don't worry, it don't involve nuthin' illegal. Not unless ya count the odd bit of theft, extortion, murder, robbery, bribery an' corruption an' that sorta thing.
Right now I got nuthin'. No cash. Not even a gun. I wanna run da biggest gang in town. I wanna drive fancy cars an' live in plush hotels. I wanna be Public Enemy No. 1 in place of dat fat wimp Capone.
It ain't much to ask. Not if ya wanna keep dat computer healthy.

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