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Real football strategy plus real football action make this the greatest football game! You're the coach--calling plays from the sidelines. Use the "Playbook" or design your own secret offensive and defensive plays. Recreate your favorite team's big plays. Then try out the great coaching strategies: play-action pass on second down and goal or throw a long bomb on third and one. This is the game that gives you what you need to experience real football strategy.
And action? Once the ball is snapped you're the key player. Just grab the joystick and pit your brains against brawn. Run a sweep, make a tackle, throw a bomb--even kick a field goal. Plus you have three views of the game play action: Open Field Action, "Blimp View" of the entire field and a special One-on-One window.
Any way you slice it--this football game has it all: Play calling, play design and on-the-field action. Try it. You'll find out why we call it The World's Greatest Football Game!
- Real Football Strategy Plus Real Football Action
- Call Your Own Plays from the Sidelines
- Joystick Action--Break Tackles, Intercept Passes, Throw a Bomb
- Design Your Own Offensive and Defensive Plays--Or Use the Playbook
- One or Two Players

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