Why didn't Norman go into the Skull Cave?

  1. Instead of climbing the tree?

    User Info: hylianknight3

    hylianknight3 - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. It always depends...sometimes when you use your spare key to open the chicken wing door, you can get a few wings and feed the Norman. Then, after it's a 50% chance if he will go inside the Skull Cave, or go climb the tree. Oh, and don't forget. If you give him all your coins, he will give you double the coins back later in the game. But if you really like Norman, it's not a good idea because after he gives you double, he will die. So, if you don't want him to die, don't give him all your coins now. So, it depends about the Skull Cave and the tree.

    Good luck on rest of the chapter, hylian!

    User Info: _KoopALTrol

    _KoopALTrol - 11 years ago 2   0

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