Does anybody know an PC or NDS alternative for Commodore 64 game STIX ?

  1. In my teenage period i've played a lot with commodore 64 games.
    One of my favourite games was STIX.

    The games is very simple, but so much fun :

    The game is played in a big rectangle, and you are a small dot walking in the lines of the rectangle.
    In the middle of the rectangle there are sticks who move randomly around.
    The purpose of the game is to go with the dot inside the rectangle,
    (you will be drawing a line everywhere you've been) and when you touch again the outer lines of the rectangle,
    the surface is been conquered.

    However, if the sticks has touched the line you're drawing before you've reached again the rectangle, you're lost.

    If you've covered more than 80% of the surface, you pass to the next level.

    Does anybody knows if there is a similar game on NDS or PC ?

    User Info: vincentds72

    vincentds72 - 11 years ago

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  1. Yes, you're absolutely right Nukey_Shay!! I have MAME on my PC and I have just about every game that was released in the arcades, but of course, not all of them work. Well, you should be able to get Qix from a site called, and get the emulator at, which I swear by. This emulator does everything!!

    User Info: Akira_123

    Akira_123 - 11 years ago 2   0


  1. The C64 game is a clone of an arcade game called Qix...and you'll find that the official game was ported to many systems by Atarisoft...and even more unlicensed clones of the game exist across the entire spectrum of consoles and computers (and even cell phones).

    Anyway...since the subject is regarding the PC platform, you might as well install M.A.M.E. That program allows you to play the actual arcade game that all of the others spawned from (as well as it's own collection of clones).

    User Info: Nukey_Shay

    Nukey_Shay - 11 years ago 2   1

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