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"Code Crimson, do you read me Star Fighter Armageddon?"
"Affirmative Commander. Over."
"This is urgent! The Quarriors have attacked Repton! They're building a base station and draining our power supply. They're guarding Repton with everything they've got. You and your squadron are our last hope!"
"I'm on my way, Commander!"
"Full speed, Star Figher. Remember, you (Click! Pop! Buzz! . . .)
"Commander?! Come in! Commander?"
Will the Armageddon arrive in time to save Repton? Or will the evil Quarriors take over the colony? There's only one way to find out!
Take over the controls of the Star Fighter Armageddon. Besides a laser gun, you are armed with devastating nuke bombs, a radar screen and an energy shield. You'll need them all to stop the Quarriors! You'll be under constant attack from Nova Cruisers and Single Saucers. You've got to avoid the Spye Surveillance Satellites and the deadly Dyne-Beam Shooters. And watch out for the Draynes that are after the Repton power supply. Repton is a battle so realistic, you'll be relieved to find out that you're still on earth when it's over!

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