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Amazing split screen delivers white knuckle action. Use the joystick to speed up, slow down, change lanes and run the enemy into the wall. Player 1 uses the top of the screen. Player 2 (or the computer), the bottom. Gripping animation of spinouts, collisions and spectacular end over end crashes. Land mines and oil slicks too. It's fast. It's funny. It's action packed.
9 hot machines to test your skill and strategy. An open-wheel, open-cockpit racer for Indy-style tracks. A Baja Bug for punishing motocross layouts. A dirt bike. A street bike. A stock special. A sleek, mean Can-Am road racing machine. A pickup, a jeep, even a lunar rover for low gravity duels. Pick your vehicle, then pick the tires and engine size to match the racing conditions you expect. Then go for it.
50 Built-in tracks and an editor. There are dirt tracks, grand prix road courses, motocross layouts, and several more too bizarre to describe. And there's a powerful, easy-to-use editor that lets you lay down straightaways, curves, forks, crossovers, and jumps. Set track width and choose one of three surfaces--pavement, dirt or ice--for each piece. Modify the pre-built tracks or build your own from scratch. Save up to 58 different tracks per disk.

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#13 highest rated C64 racing game (#180 on C64, #2860 overall)


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#45 easiest C64 racing game (#529 on C64, #28469 overall)


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#15 shortest C64 racing game (#259 on C64, #1129 overall)


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