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The success or failure of NASA's most ambitious project is in your hands.
You are in charge of NASA's most challenging effort to date: The Space Station.
It's not only fun, but this realistic simulation is also a great way to learn about every aspect of our nation's space program.
You design the space station and build it by using the shuttle. You play the administrator by juggling schedules, public relations and of course, budgets. The space station may run on fuel, but NASA runs on money.
Use your fixed allocation of funds wisely to buy the necessary equipment and modules. Then select the best combination of crew personnel, not only for their individual skills but for their personalities as well.
Only after careful planning and scheduling can you launch the shuttle and its cargo of space station components.
If you've done a good job designing the station and piloting the shuttle to the right orbit, your crew can go about building the space station efficiently. This way, you can keep on schedule and under budget.
In addition to working on the space station, you'll also engage in over forty R&D projects. They may result in discoveries that could be a boon to mankind, while generating the income needed to keep NASA -- and our pioneering spirit -- alive in space.

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