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Get on the gas. Accelerate the excitement. Push yourself and your machine to the absolute limit.
One twist of the wrist and you're off to the fastest, hottest ride of your life. Pocket Rockets lets you experience all the thrills, chills and spills of high speed motorcycling. With machines that take you zero to 60 in under four seconds, and top out at 130 m.p.h.
- Ride four of the quickest, most exotic 600 cc bikes on the planet--the Suzuki Katana, Kawasaki Ninja, Honda Hurricane and Yamaha FZR.
- Authentic instrument panels on each motorcycle plus true-to-life sights and sounds make every ride--and every 'road rash'--incredibly real.
- You decide where to ride--negotiating the twists and turns of our challenging road course or the explosive straight-line acceleration of the Capcom quarter mile.
Pocket Rockets is so realistic you'll find yourself leaning into every turn, imagining the wind rushing through your hair.
Feel the adrenaline. The anticipation. The exhilarating power. Pocket Rockets. Only from Capcom.
It's the hottest experience on two wheels.

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#29 highest rated C64 racing game (#345 on C64, #6102 overall)


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#19 hardest C64 racing game (#547 on C64, #12953 overall)


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#14 shortest C64 racing game (#234 on C64, #1026 overall)


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