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Staring ahead, the only thing visible is an endless sea of blue. Suddenly, the cannon thunders and you're off! Pedaling as fast as possible, you soon realize there's more than endurance involved as you thread your way through the other skillful manpowered craft. Far above the deep ocean you will meet mischievous pelicans that can supply you with the precious fish you'll need later in your journey. Pressing on through giant clouds, menacing lightning storms and mysterious mangroves, you'll see sights of unbelievable beauty and equal danger!
Along your journey you'll befriend a gentle whale who will help you when in distress, and seek the favors of friendly mermaids.
But danger lurks just below the ocean's surface where giant squid and vicious sharks roam--never take your eyes off the world below for too long!
As the skies begin to crowd with other villainous mancopters, it will be a test of your strategic flying skills to maneuver your craft into the winning position. Mancopter was co-developed by Nichibutsu, the arcade people that brought you Moon Shuttle and other fine titles. Climb aboard for a wave of surprises!
- Superb Scrolling Animation
- Increasing Levels of Difficulty
- New and Surprising Characters at Every Turn

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#16 lowest rated C64 racing game (#407 on C64, #20212 overall)


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#8 hardest C64 racing game (#277 on C64, #5192 overall)


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