Across the 38th parallel...
In June of 1950, the North Korean Peoples Army struck suddenly at the Republic of Korea with the intention of re-uniting the Korean Peninsula under one government. After dramatic initial successes, the North Korean forces were poised to complete their triumph with the capture of the last bastion, Pusan.
United Nations forces, spear-headed by America, rushed to the scene and in desperate fighting stalled the NKPA. The tide turned. MacArthur's brilliant capture of Seoul cut the NKPA forces from the supplies and within a month the North Koreans had been routed back to the 38th parallel. UN troops pursued the foe, notwithstanding the danger of Chinese and/or Russian intervention.
The tide turned again. The valour of the Chinese Army surprised everyone. UN forces were pushed back to the 38th parallel once more before a strong defensive line was established.
MacArthur's War recreates the great battles of the war. You can command either United Nations or Communist forces against human or computer opponents in the battles of...
'Across the 38th' Taejon Naktong Bulge Unsan Chongchon Chosin Reservoir Chipyong Imjin
The Battlefront Game System mechanics are so simple to use, you will be issuing orders like a veteran within ten minutes of assuming command.
You'll have complete control over the computer battlefield when you use the comprehensive wargame construction set, WarPlan, and our unique graphics editor, WarPaint.

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