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    FAQ by Cobra1

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    |=======================Ghostbusters FAQ/Walkthrough=========================|
                         FAQ Version 1.00 : Revision Date 03/14/03
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Cars & Equipment
    4. Enemies
    5. Reading the map and status
    6. Payoffs & Penalties
    7. General Tips
    8. Strategy Tips
    9. Codes
    10. Credits
    11. Copyright
    1. Introduction
    When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The
    Ghostbusters, of course! Your job is to help cleanse the city of New York
    (what a town) of any and all spectral activities. After a loan from the bank,
    you can then purchase various pieces of equipment meant to aid in
    spook-sucking, ghost-grabbing, poltergeist-punishing and more(yes, I ran out
    of alliterative names). Do a good enough job and you will be able to take down
    Zuul, the reason for the city going this crazy. Of course, you are also
    working to repay the bank's loan(heroes still have to pay off their debts,
    even if you save humanity itself). Luckily, any ghosts you capture give you
    money in return. Earn more than you had and you will be allowed to take out
    even more in your next round!
    So let's get busting, 'cause we ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!
    2. Controls
    There is a different set of controls for each game mode. They are as follows :
    [SHOP MODE] :
    Keys 1-3 : Switches between the Shop Screens.
    E Key : Exits the Shop and begins the game.
    Move Joystick : Move the stick up and down to select an item. Push the stick
    left or right to the Forklift to the car and back after choosing an item.
    Fire Button : Press the Fire Button to select an item. Press it again over the
    car to drop the item and purchase it.
    [MAP MODE] :
    Move Joystick : Moves the Ghostbuster's icon on the screen, dictating the path
    you will take(a line will trail behind the icon to show you the path you have
    already covered).
    Fire Button : Confirms your destination.
    B Key : Activates Ghost Bait(see Equipment).
    Space Bar : Views Status.
    Run/Stop : Pauses the game.
    Move Joystick : Used to move the car on-screen.
    Fire Button : Uses the Ghost Vacuum(if equipped) to suck up Roamers(see
    Space Bar : Views Status.
    Run/Stop : Pauses the game.
    Move Joystick : Manuevers your Ghostbuster on-screen. If both are in place and
    the beams are active, pushing left will cause the right-most Ghostbuster to
    move left and vice-versa.
    Fire Button : Drops the trap. If the Trap is already dropped, it makes the
    current Ghostbuster hold his position and switches to the second Ghostbuster.
    When both are in place, the beams will activate. If the beams are already
    activated, the button will fire the trap.
    Space Bar : Views Status.
    Run/Stop : Pauses the game.
    Move Joystick : Manuevers the Ghostbuster.
    Run/Stop : Pauses the game.
    3. Cars & Equipment
    There's a lot of gear available to the paranormal investigators.
    Unfortunately, you can't afford everything you would like. So here's a list of
    the various stuff you can buy with my personal 1-10 star rating for each
    item and car, as well as a "Requirement" rating for the gear itself(how much
    you actually need a specific piece of equipment) :
    [CARS] :
    Compact :
    Cost : $2,000
    Capacity : 5 Items
    Top Speed : 75 MPH
    Rating : 3 Stars
    Bleah! This car is slow and you can only put a few items in it. Only buy this
    car if you are desperate to save money. You'll likely miss several jobs thanks
    to the speed, plus the traps you can't fit will make you have to run back to
    HQ more than you like.
    1963 Hearse :
    Cost : $4,800
    Capacity : 9 Items
    Top Speed : 90 MPH
    Rating : 6 Stars
    Eh...it's an improvement. You should use this car first until you have an
    account with a decent amount of money. Still, it's not bad for the price you
    are given and it's a good start. And besides, it's the original Ecto-1...How
    could you resist taking it for a spin?
    Station Wagon :
    Cost : $6,000
    Capacity : 11 Items
    Top Speed : 110 MPH
    Rating : 9 Stars
    Yowza! Once you have the money, this is THE car for you! There's plenty of
    room for equipment and the speed is definitely improved. Unfortunately, you
    won't be able to afford to take advantage of the space it provides until you
    have a nice-sized account.
    High Performance :
    Cost : $15,000
    Capacity : 7 Items
    Top Speed : 160 MPH
    Rating : 7 Stars
    While it may be more expensive, it's usually better to go with the Wagon. The
    cut-back on space usually means you'll have to buy a Portable Laser
    Confinement System, which is another $8,000. If you can afford that, then this
    car will be a big help, as it almost guarantees you reaching any bust on time.
    PK Energy Detector :
    Cost : $400
    Rating : 9 Stars
    Requirement : 8 Stars
    For $400, this will let you keep track of the city's PK reading. Specifically,
    it tells you how long you have to pay off the loan or until you must face
    Zuul. No matter what, you should stick this on your car. It's cheap and will
    give you an idea of when something will happen and allow you to prepare in
    advance for it. Given you're only buying one less Trap because of it(slightly
    cheaper, though), it's an investment that pays off quickly.
    Image Intensifier :
    Cost : $800
    Rating : 7 Stars
    Requirement : 3 Stars
    This piece of equipment stops Slimers from "hiding" in the background of the
    building. While this is very helpful, it is not hard to determine where the
    Slimer is at any point in time during the bust. If you can afford it, go ahead
    and buy it. I suggest waiting and getting other gear, though.
    Marshmallow Sensor :
    Cost : $800
    Rating : 8 Stars
    Requirement : 9 Stars
    Occasionally, when you use Ghost Bait, the Marshmallow Man will STILL evade
    capture. This nearly prevents that from happening altogether. If you get Ghost
    Bait, you practically need this! Snag it and you won't be sorry!
    Ghost Bait :
    Cost : $400
    Rating : 10 Stars
    Requirement : 9 Stars
    Get this as one of your first pieces of gear! Using this will cause the
    Marshmallow Man to ignore the building he was about to smash and instead come
    to your location. When he does, you will receive a $2000 bonus. And since the
    container has three or more uses, it quickly pays for itself. It's
    either that or you can just watch your account crumble the same way the
    buildings do...
    Traps :
    Cost : $600 Apiece
    Rating : 10 Stars
    Requirement : 3 Traps, 10 Stars. 4-5 Traps, 7 Stars. Beyond 5, 3 Stars.
    Naturally, you'll need a fair share of Traps to catch some Ghosts. Three
    should be sufficent for a start. If you are returning to HQ a little too often
    for your tastes, you can purchase a couple extra. However, more than five
    seems like a waste when you could choose some optional gear instead.
    Ghost Vacuum :
    Cost : $500
    Rating : 8 Stars
    Requirement : 6 Stars
    This is a great tool for busting. It allows you to suck up any Roamers you go
    past on the way to a bust. This can help keep the PK rating down until you
    can afford to repay the bank loan.
    Portable Laser Confinement System :
    Cost : $8,000
    Rating : 9 Stars
    Requirement : 4 Stars
    This is one heck of an item...with a price to match! Having one of these means
    you never have to return to HQ to empty your Traps. This automatically clears
    any Traps you have of Ghosts, meaning you only need one Trap with this
    on-board. However, while it is a spectacular item, the price tag means you'll
    have to wait to make use of it...
    4. Enemies
    There are several ghouls out there hoping to resurrect Zuul. Here's the
    complete list :
    Roamers : These yellows ghosts appear on the Map screen. Every time one
    reaches the Zuul building without you sucking it up with the Ghost Vacuum, the
    PK rating jumps 100 points.
    Slimers : These are the Ghosts at every bust. If you capture one, it will earn
    you a random amount of cash. If you miss, one of your men will be slimed and
    you will need to return to HQ to revive him. Also, the PK meter will increase
    by 300 points.
    Marshmallow Man : On the map screen, he will appear and cause $3,000 to a
    random building. However, if you have Ghost Bait and press the B key fast
    enough, he will instead come to you and you will gain $2,000. At the Zuul
    building, he will bounce back and forth in front of the door. You must get
    two out of the three Ghostbusters under his legs and through the door to win.
    Gatekeeper & Keymaster : These two will wander the city, but there is nothing
    you can do about them. When the PK Rating reaches 9999, however, they will
    join together at Zuul's Building. The game will either end(if you don't have
    enough money) or you will be taken to the Zuul Building to stop Zuul(if you
    have enough).
    5. Reading the Map and Status
    Most likely, it will seem like gibberish at first. You'll quickly grasp it
    with time and this guide, though :
    [MAP SCREEN] :
    Ghostbuster's Icon : Represents your place on the map. Move it to decide where
    you will drive.
    Building with GHQ on it : Ghostbuster headquarters. Return here anytime you
    need to refill your pack energy and men or empty your Traps.
    Building with Zuul on it : Final place in the game. You'll automatically head
    there if you have enough money and the PK Rating is 9999. You cannot enter
    before this happens.
    Flashing red buildings : Buildings that are currently haunted. Go there fast
    enough and you'll get a shot at busting a Ghost.
    Yellow Ghosts : These represent Roamers. Run over them to stop them to be
    sucked up later by the Vacuum(or just to freeze them). If one reaches the Zuul
    building, the PK Rating will go up 110 points. There are four on the map at
    all times.
    Purple Buildings : Buildings that could become haunted very soon.
    White Buildings : Buildings that could become hit by the Marshmallow Man very
    Lock and Key : These represent the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster, respectfully.
    When the PK Rating hits 9999, they will automatically go to the Zuul building.
    City's PK Energy : Current PK Rating. Increases automatically with time.
    Credit : How much money you have accumulated so far.
    Backpack Energy % : How long you can use your beams before they
    "power-out"(see Strategy).
    # Empty Traps : Gee...Maybe it's how many empty Traps you how remaining?
    # Men Left : How many "un-slimed" men you have currently. You must have at
    least two to capture a Slimer or to confront Zuul.
    6. Pay-offs & Penalties
    You are given a variety of cash bonuses for your work around the city. The pay
    rate is as follows :
    Capturing a Slimer : $300-$1000(random)
    Marshmallow destroys a building : -$4000
    Capturing the Marshmallow Man : $2000
    Defeating Zuul : $5000
    7. General Tips
    * Remember that if you want to make a bust, hold the joystick in the direction
    of the haunted building as you press the Fire Button. Otherwise, you may stop
    at the wrong place. The same applies when you want to stop at GHQ.
    * Keep an eye on your status. There's nothing worse than missing a bust
    because you didn't notice a crucial detail.
    * If you run out of backpack energy, the trap will fire automatically whether
    you want it to or not.
    * Do NOT cross the beams in Action Mode! If you do, you'll short out your
    backpack energy to 0% and knock out both men! Plus, the trap won't even fire,
    meaning you'll lose both the Slimer and valuable time.
    * A Roamer must be touching your car for the Ghost Vacuum to work.
    * Roamers don't take up Trap space when they are sucked up, so don't count
    those in your used Traps total.
    * If you take too long to reach a bust or if you wait too long while there,
    the Ghost will simply vanish into thin air(taking "your check" with it).
    * When the PK meter reaches 1000(and every 1000 there after), the Roamers and
    the meter's rate will both pick up speed.
    * When the PK meter hits about 5000 or so, keep your finger over the B key
    after each bust. That way, you'll be ready if the Marshmallow Man decides to
    visit and attempt to ruin your day.
    * Also, as the PK meter rises, you will get more and more "bust calls". Be
    prepared for the hike in paranormal activity.
    * Occasionally, a building will turn purple or white when you are next to it
    even if you don't have the Image Intensifier or the Marshmallow Sensor. Take
    it as a warning...
    * If you already have enough money, you may want to consider letting the
    Roamers reach Zuul's Building. That way, you'll build up the PK Rating faster
    and you won't have to worry about the Marshmallow Man stomping away your
    hard-earned cash.
    8. Strategy Tips
    For first-time players, I recommend the following set-up for your gear :
    1963 Hearse
    PK Detector
    Marshmallow Sensor
    Ghost Bait
    5 Traps
    Ghost Vacuum
    This will give a you a decent set-up and most of the useful items. Now when
    you start, one of the buildings will be flashing red. Head for it immediately.
    Enjoy the music while you wait for the car to reach the destination.
    When you reach the building, you'll see the ugly little blue thing floating
    around("I think he can hear you, Ray"). Start by moving the Ghostbuster as
    high as you can and placing the Trap so it is aligned with the center of the
    screen. Press the Fire Button, then move the Ghostbuster all the way to the
    upper-left and tap right so he faces right, then press the button again. Now
    move the second Ghostbuster to the upper-right and tap left so he faces left.
    Press the button once more to activate the beams. Now, slowly close the Slimer
    in so that you ALMOST cross the beams but not quite. This way, you'll prevent
    the Slimer from moving around, and yet force it above the trap. When it flies
    low, press fire once more. If you timed it right, the circle will fly straight
    up and nab that sucker...congrats on your first catch! Using this method will
    guarantee a 90% catch rate. The real trick is patience.
    Back on the map screen(if there are no other red buildings), you may want to
    catch the Roamers on the map. If a man was slimed, however, return to HQ
    instead while you have time. Or do both, make a complete circle of all the
    Roamers and end the trail at GHQ.
    As the game goes on, make regular stops at GHQ. Even if it seems like you
    don't need it, it's not worth the risk of your packs shorting out from lack of
    energy. The reason is later busts will come in groups for 3 or more, meaning
    you probably won't have the luxury of just heading back to HQ when you feel
    like it.
    As for sneaking into Zuul's Building, it's a toughie. Getting under the
    Marshmallow Man's legs is difficult, but the reward is high paying if you
    manage to get two Ghostbusters past! Moving up while the Marshmallow Man is
    nearly at the peak of his jump is the best way to time it. You have all the
    time in the world to do this, so just relax and take a deep breath first. If
    that technique doesn't work for you, there is another method. Stand to the
    left of the Marshmallow Man and wait for him to jump to the right. The moment
    he leaps, run after him and into the left edge of the door. If timed right,
    you'll slip right by. Good luck!
    9. Codes
    If you think you need a little more cash, enter this name and account number
    for a credit limit of $22,900 :
    However, if you want to seriously break the bank, enter your name as "Owen"
    and your account as "List"...you'll start the game with $720,000! That should
    be enough for ANYONE to buy what they need!
    10. Credits
    Let's see...who do we have this time? :
    * David Crane for the game and the nice semi-remixed music that came with it.
    * Activision for releasing this great game.
    * RUN Magazine for providing me with that "Owen, list" code.
    * GameFAQs, for hosting this in the first place.
    11. Copyright
    All right. This is Cobra1 speaking to you LIVE!...okay, maybe not. But still,
    this is my FAQ. If you want to download this so you don't have to visit a web
    site every time you want the info, go ahead. BUT, if you plan to use it on
    your site butchered or otherwise, contact me first for a go-ahead. In
    legalese, that means :
    "This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright."
    Got it now? Good. If there are any questions or comments you wish to offer,
    feel free to contact me at the E-Mail Address given below.
    This document was created(and last modified for now) by Cobra1 on 3/14/03.
    E-Mail Address : BlackFangMercenaries@comcast.net

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