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Dungeon Slime Never Looked So Good.
Rich Graphics
Full-color, scrolling 3-D mazes. The flickering shadows of torchlight on moldy walls. The blood dripping from a monster's teeth. The richest graphics you've ever seen in a role-playing game.
Incredible Sound Effects
The squish of swamp muck between your toes. Buzzing electric force fields. The echoing roar of your Kill Flash spell. You'll be amazed at the sounds your computer can make.
Enormous Variety
You want a lot to do? Lots of choices? You've got it. A dangerous quest. A fast pace. Continents, oceans, wilderness, towns, dungeons, a castle and a fortress to explore. Puzzles. Gambling. Fighting. Magic. Everything you love about fantasy games--and lots of things you've never seen before.

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