Be prepared. Be forewarned. The forecast is dark and stormy, and growing angrier by the minute.
Enter the world of L.E.D. Storm, a world like no other. If you're looking for a yellow brick road, dream on. This is a land of evil robots, rabbit wolves, dark tunnels, cars packed with TNT, narrow roads and deep drop-offs.
- Test yourself--and your nerve--through 9 challenging stages of realism, on a roadway elevated high above the ground.
- Unearthly realistic. It's unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced.
- Synthesized music heightens the drama and the excitement.
- Pick up energy boosters along the way--for extra fuel and to shield you from enemy attack.
Don't bother to check the weather map. Dark clouds and storms are heading your way fast.
But that won't stop you in your quest along the fearsome hyperway, with Sky City your ultimate destination. Can you skillfully utilize the awesome vehicle at your command?
Perhaps, just perhaps, you'll successfully navigate your way through one of the most fascinating journeys on any planet. L.E.D. Storm. Only from Capcom.

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#28 highest rated C64 racing game (#265 on C64, #6844 overall)


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#48 hardest C64 racing game (#960 on C64, #27261 overall)


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#4 shortest C64 racing game (#61 on C64, #242 overall)


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